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LJ Idol - Week 28 - Going Forward

They lay together at the edge of the wood, her arm thrown across his chest, skin slick with sweat. Their mouths were bruised from the force of desperate kisses, limbs shaky with release, but now they were still, staring in uneasy silence up through the sun-dappled leaves of the tree.

Minutes before, she had knelt astride him, back straight and proud. His hands slid up her belly, wondering at the heat of her, the smoothness of her skin, to cup her breasts and rub rough palms over the bumps of her areolas, the points of her nipples stiff in the warm breeze.

When he reached behind her, pulling her close, her chest to his chest, her lips on his, she had cried out, grinding into him and he had thrust harder, until their cries mingled together, rising like a hymn, startling a bird from the brush near their bed in the leaves. It rose to the sky with a cry of its own and the lovers broke apart.

Now they sat quietly together, sated, but chilled by sudden coolness as a cloud passed before the sun.

"Was that...bad?" She asked.  "It felt so good, but now, something inside me feels wrong, a little...sick." She glanced around, wishing she had some way to cover her nakedness from his searching eyes.

Beside them were the remains of a picnic. Meats and cheeses, plump fresh fruit. She toyed with the stem of an apple and looked to him for support.

He felt it too. The good and the bad. The delicious satisfaction of his body was being eaten away at the edges by something rotten that turned his stomach, left him with a heaviness in his chest.

"It'ss called guilt, child," a quiet voice whispered. "Guilt and shame and maybe a hint of regret. You've never felt those thingss, have you? Never even heard the wordss! How delightful!" With a sly smile, the serpent slid out from the tree.

Eve covered her chest with her arms and crossed her legs beneath her. "But you said he'd like it! You said it would make him happy! The fruit and the wine and the kissing..." She looked to Adam.

He was grinning sheepishly. "The kissing and..." he began, reaching out to tweak one of her delicate blonde curls, a blush spreading across his cheeks.

"Oh, Adam liked it, you know that, honey, but the big guy upstairss isn't going to be too thrilled when he findss out you disobeyed him!" The snake chuckled. "I think you're going to find everythingiss about to change!"

Above them, that first small cloud had grown and thunderheads began to darken the sky. A bolt of lightning streaked toward them, splitting the trunk of the apple tree and reducing its bark to cinders.

Eve screamed and leapt to her feet, dragging Adam with her. Fat drops of rain began to fall upon them, pelting their bare skin.

"That'ss my cue," the serpent hissed gleefully. "And good luck when daddy getss here. You're going to need it!" With that he slithered into the woods and was gone.

Thunder began to rumble, a furious growl that built to a roar.

Eve looked hopefully at Adam.

"Well, we're in this together, right?" she asked, pleading, reaching for his hand.

Adam stared up at the growing storm and back at Eve, fear in his eyes, and stepped away from her.

"Are you kidding me?" He scoffed. "You're the one who tempted me! I never even looked at an apple before you!"

With guilty eyes he turned from her, unwilling to share the blame.

"Coward," Eve whispered.

It set a precedent though, and be it B.C. or A.D, we all know it's's always the woman's fault, isn't it?

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